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Did you know that the majority of Hollywood celebrities are vaping, and you do not even know about them? You might now ask yourself, what vape means, well, you should know that this term is used for the action of inhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette. Moreover, because celebrities are all about healthier alternatives to everything, you should not be amazed that they have decided to quit traditional smoking and try vaping. The traditional ones are full of tobacco and other similar toxic components, but when using these ones, there are no health risks involved. Also, they are all about fancy things, and Vapourlicious e cigs are exactly this, because even the battery holders come in beautiful models. Yes, e-cigarettes still contain nicotine, if you are opting for the e-liquids which are using it as an ingredient, but you can be at least sure that you are not hurting your lungs. And if you have no idea on what celebrity is vaping these days, here are some names.

Celebrities who smoke electronic cigarettes

Katy Perry

What makes Katy Perry an amazing celebrity? Well, let’s just say that she wears unique outfits, which sometimes can be perceived even as absurd, and she dyes her hair in some of the most eccentric colors from the pallet. However, she also does something else, she is smoking vaporizers, which allow her to puff away all day long, without hurting her voice. She has been seen using her electronic cigarette in many places, and she is not leave it aside even when she is in a holiday trip.

Johny Depp

Johny Depp is the man who was a hipster before the term even being invented, so you should not be surprised that he has the habit to use electronic cigarettes. He is aware that vaping around is seen as a mainstream cool thing and he is totally trying it. And if considering that he is Johny Depp you should not be amazed to think that he smoked e-cigarettes before you might even heard about them.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine is one of the most beautiful women from Hollywood, but she is not afraid to speak her mind, and when it comes to her smoking habit, she has been more than open, talking about it when attending different shows. She has been sharing with people her vaping practices and if you are asking yourself when she has started to smoke, you might be amazed to find out, that not during her teen ages, but at 25 years old. When electronic cigarettes came along, she considered them a way of not renouncing at her little pleasure, but making it healthier.

Leonardo DiCaprio

When it comes to Leo we all know that he is such a dapper, so there is no surprise for anyone, that he smokes. But, he is not smoking traditional cigarettes that are harming both the people around him and the environment, he opted for the healthier e-cigs. And when looking at him vaping from his electronic cigar, we cannot help it but say that he is a handsome man, as many are not in Hollywood.

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