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Celebrity Cruises to Costa Rica

August - 21 - 2014

Have you ever wondered why a celebrity cruises to Costa Rica every time he or she gets the chance, we are going to give you some pieces of information about this beautiful location. Costa Rica is situated in  Central America and it is a big attraction because of the eco tourism and the beautiful and divers environment. If you are a celebrity you are offered a lot of cruises along the shore of Costa Rica, you can choose between more than 20 trips. Here are some of places which you can visit when you go to Costa Rica.

Celebrity Cruises Caribbean Celebrity Cruises Caribbean Picture


This celebrity cruise is offered by the Celebrity Equinox and it offers a trip of about 11 days, starting from Florida. The ship stops for one day in ports such as: Costa Rica, Puerto Limon, Mexico, Cozumel, Honduras, Columbia, Panama and Cayman Islands. The ship made its debut in 2009 and it offers a capacity of about 2.800 people. It is also equipped with a great number of restaurants who serve different types of food, even Asian food. You can choose from 14 bars and lounges.


A trip for celebrities which stops mainly in Mexican ports is offered by the Celebrity Constellation. The vacation is of 15 days during which the ship makes stops in Costa Rica, Columbian and about four Mexican ports. During the trip the passengers have the possibility ti visit beautiful beaches such as Acapulco, visit the churches from Puerto Vallarta and shop at the best stores.  The ship was upgraded in 2010 and offers passengers the possibility to do all kind of activities on board, such as flower arranging.

Panama Canal

The trip on the Panama Canal starts from San Diego, California and it lasts 15 days. During the cruise the ship makes two stops in Mexico on the Pacific side. Other stops include: Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Mexico, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala and Puntarenas. Before entering the Panama canal the ship makes one final stop to Costa Rica.

As you can see these are some celebrity cruises to Costa Rica which you could take if you have the right amount of money. These trips are luxurious and fun because they offer you a wide range of activities to do on the boat as well as seeing beautiful ports and nature. If you want to find a celebrity in her holiday Costa Rica might be the place where you will find her.

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