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Fashion is complex, this is true, but if you know a few basic rules, you agree that it is not complicated at all. The first rule you have to keep in mind is that you should look for professional online clothing stores that provide high quality products. This will give you not only a good look, but also self-confidence. Knowing that you wear clothes of good quality makes you look better and even feel better too. This is the reason why you should look for women’s fashion online stores right away. However, do you know exactly how to dress according to the event you are going to?

Defining dress codes how to dress according to the event

Office parties

Office parties are formal events organized within companies for various reasons, sometimes because of a promotion, sometimes simply to help employees socialize. However, even if the purpose of the business party is to help employees socialize outside the office, this does not mean that you can wear sneakers and a pair of jeans. You should opt for a pencil skirt or some dress pants that you can match with a button-down or silk top and some high heels. Even a casual dress and flats are a good choice.

White tie and black tie events

Events that require a more elegant outfit are charity fundraisers, weddings, political dinner parties or the opera. At such events, women should opt for a ball gown that is floor-length and they can accessorize it with some opera length gloves, an up-do hairstyle and some glamorous jewels. Depending on where the event is taking place, you can opt for a dressy cocktail dress too.


In this category are included events such as daytime engagement parties, or business breakfasts, but also some afternoon tea meetings. At such events, you can choose a dress that is either falling to the knee or right above them. Make sure it is not too showy or sparkly. You can cover your arms with a jacket or shawl if you want.

Cocktail parties

For cocktail parties, such as adult birthday parties or other social events that are held in the evening, the most common choice are the well-known cocktail dresses. However, you can opt for the classic little black dress too, not to mention that this is easier to accessorize. Bring a touch of your personality in the outfit and choose the accessories that you like the most.

More ‘casual’ events

In this category are included dinner at some nice restaurants or at one of your friends’ home. This type of events does not require dressing too extravagant, especially if you are having dinner at your friend’s home. Opt for a polo shirt or an open-necked one to feel comfortable enough the entire evening. You can opt for a skirt or a floral dress if you want, and match it with minimal accessories.

No matter what event you are going to, it is important to be yourself. Make sure the clothes and accessories you choose represent your style and make you feel comfortable.

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