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Creating flower arrangements and bouquets is an artistic expression that challenges your free spirit and creativeness. Florists are lucky enough to work with all types of flowers: natural, artificial, wild, and exotic, among others. As a result, abstract, stylish, chic or colorful floral designs can be purchased regardless of the season in order to transform any event and occasion or simply for home décor. In order to adorn flower arrangements and bouquets, florists use various details and elements such as greenery, pearls, feathers, ribbons made out of satin, organza or lace for a touch of glamour and elegance. Floristry ribbons UK stores are happy to honor any type of order offering at the same time, a wide range of materials and convenient prices. Therefore, you have all the necessary pieces for an ideal result.

Embellish your flower arrangements and bouquets using ribbons1

Flowers – meaning according to name and color

Apart from their beauty and perfume, flowers represent a symbolic element according to their name and color. To name a few, orchid symbolizes femininity and refinement, lily and gardenia stand for purity and iris can symbolize wisdom, faith and hope. We cannot exclude the most popular flower, namely the red rose that generally is a symbol for love, but depending on its color, it can also render various meanings. The white rose symbolizes innocence and purity, the yellow rose is a symbol of friendship, the orange rose stands for passion and the pink rose signifies admiration and gratitude. Lately, blue and black roses were created artificially. For this particular reason, people include flowers in any type of event, whether it is a wedding, an anniversary or a funeral.

How to create a floristry ribbon

Ribbon tying can become easy and pleasant once you manage to master the basic techniques and practice to memorize the whole process. In order to create a regular floristry ribbon, you simply need a pair of scissors, an inexpensive piece of material in case of failure and patience. Cut the piece of material to obtain long and thin strips from which you will create several loops of different sizes by using your fingers and make sure that the shiny part of the strip is always facing up. Secure using wire or the remaining material and arrange the loops for beautiful bow. If you have not perfected your technique yet, check out tutorials and specialized websites that provide clear instructions and will definitely help you understand the whole process.

Floral arrangements and ideas

Ribbon is a perfect addition to your floral arrangements. Accentuate the beauty of any bouquet of flowers by adding elegant high quality ribbons. A brilliant idea is to personalize them by printing certain messages depending on the event or the occasion because it will definitely induce a sense of individuality and uniqueness to your customer. Use intriguing and extravagant materials and patterns in order to stand out from the ordinary ribbons. Place the fresh bouquets of flowers in high glass vases and jars and include feathers, pearls or beads transforming them into centerpieces to gain the attention of people.

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