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Facts on Celebrity Tattoos

June - 21 - 2013

We all know that celebrities make the world go round in the industry of fashion, due to the popularity they have among average people. You probably know by now that the most beautiful women in the world are taken as model by many teenagers and grown-up women that want to copy their beauty and even their personality. When it comes to expressing their personalities, famous singers, actresses or models have various ways in which to show off their uniqueness, starting with the stylish outfits they select to dress up in, when stepping out their houses, and ending with the tattoos they put on their skin, in order to bring elements of interest to their bodies.

Facts on Celebrity Tattoos Facts on Celebrity Tattoos Pictures

Celebrity tattoos come in different sizes and representations which are meant to be seen completely, partially or to be hidden from the eyes of other people. Nowadays, there are many stars that choose to cover their whole bodies with tattoos. This method of expressing personality is more likely to be seen on men though, as women seem to be in favor of tattooing tiny images on the neck, shoulder, arm, or ankle area of their bodies. As we mentioned, the celebrity tattoos represent more like a way of expressing the uniqueness famous people have and to add something which can set them apart from other people. However, since celebrities dictate the fashion trends and the way people dress and accessorize their garments, we should also mention the fact that tattooing a tribal design or a certain message on their skin has a direct impact on their fans, who will surely want to borrow as many things they can from their stars, inclusively the tattoos these people adopt. The latest celebrity fashion often involves stars showing off their new tattoos, and choosing clothing items or accessories that reveal a new tattoo location; so before you choose to copy one of your favorite celebrity’s tattoo, consider a different location, so you at least maintain some originality.

Facts on Celebrity Tattoos Facts on Celebrity Tattoos Pictures

But, you should know that there are tattoos that carry special meanings for celebrities like those reminding them of certain stages in their lives or of someone they loved. On the other hand, there are various tattoos which celebrities prefer simply because they look nice on their skin. For instance, the tattoos which refer to star, tribal, dragon or wing designs seem to be preferred by famous women like Rihanna, Adriana Lima, Beyonce Knowles, Anna Kournikova and many more. Other celebrities like to wear tattoos with the names of their dear ones, which is the case of famous actress Angelina Jolie, who had her left shoulder tattooed with the names of her kids. Among the most requested celebrity tattoos, we should also mention the lettering tattoos or those that use quotes or old sayings in their designs.

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