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It is true that sash ribbons have been around for many years in tailors’ ateliers, florists’ shops and design rooms. It is also true that this ingenious embellishment has now proven to be useful to creative minds in a rather different but highly acclaimed way: as a posh garment accessory for the most famous and loved celebrities walking the red carpet nowadays. Believe it or not, sash ribbons are the new must-have item right now and numerous celebs are calling up their designers, stirring up the market and searching for the most extraordinary ribbon dresses ever to be created. Carefully crafted from luscious materials such as satin or organza, these beautiful adornments have captured the inspiration of many fashion fans or all ages. From Angelina Jolie’s nude dresses with an accentuated waist line to Lindsay Lohan’s white ruffle dress with a gorgeous contrasting ribbon bow, there are many A-list people looking for these impressive items and they will not stop until their goal is reached. But where can one find such incredible decor items? Can you purchase exquisite ribbons in any area of the country and try to recreate the concepts seen during this year’s major red carpet events?

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Sure you can and the results will be stunning too, as long as you find the right provider and purchase only the highest quality of ribbons. Remember that the only difference between a stylish and posh dress adornment and a gift wrapping accessory is the class and lavishing feeling it exudes so never settle for poorly made hanks with flaws or a cheap look! To find these exquisite pieces and order them right away, feel free to turn to the online world where the dedicated websites of top providers can be found. Search for a company which also manufacturers these products in-house rather than importing them or getting them from another competitor. What this will do is provide you with the confidence that if you don’t like something with your order, they always have more of that kind and can replace it instantly. Furthermore, did you know that you can print ribbons with personalised messages or symbols? Talk about putting your mark on an outfit! Indeed the simpler the hank is the more elegant and stylish your dress will look but if you are not going to a fancy dance or ball then you can definitely experiment a little and be bold in your choices. All of the famous celebrities are!


And it’s not only the film stars or musicians who wear these delicate adornments nowadays. Extremely well known designers who display their collections all over the world seem to be fascinated by the flowing nature of a well tied ribbon. From Gucci to Zuhair Murad, everyone seems to be working with this material now and we can’t simply have enough of it! Go online to check out the latest fabrics available for ribbon hanks and customise your order using the web based shops or premium manufacturers. You won’t regret it!

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