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Organising a wedding might be a stressful experience, because there are so many details you have to focus on, and you have to be sure that you do not skip any one of them. But, you have to leave all these details aside, because the most important step in the process is to find you the perfect dress. As many other women, you might want to wear a wedding dress similar to one of the celebrities you admire, but you should know that in the majority of cases, they are quite expensive and you will not afford buying one. But, if you look carefully, you would notice that they are so special because they are customised with little accessories as pearls, ribbon, or lace. So, you can look for a dress model similar to the one, your favourite celebrity wore, and order wedding ribbon for sale to customise it. Here are some of the celebrities who decided to customise their dresses with ribbon.

Get your inspiration from celebrities' wedding dresses

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is a model of grace and elegance in Hollywood, and when choosing her wedding dresses she opted for a simple A-line gown. However, what was amazing about Reese’s wedding dress was that she opted for a pale pink shade for the tulle, and she accessorised it with a champagne ribbon band in the waist. The tone of the band completed the look, accentuating her waist, and offering her a pop of colour. You can inspire from her look and choose a pink or cream dress, and accessorise it with a ribbon in a golden shade.

Khloe Kardashian

If you are a voluptuous woman, and you want to opt for a mermaid wedding dress, you can inspire from Khloe Kardashian’s wedding dress. She had a Vera Wang simple dress, and she chose to accessorise it with a purple ribbon bow, for adding it a personal touch. And because the model of the dress was a simple one, she embellished the purple weeding band with glittering stones in one of the sides. Other celebrities as Shannen Doherty have opted for a bolder colour when they have chosen the waistband for their dresses, as burgundy.

Take a look online and you will find plenty of examples when it comes to choosing a ribbon band for your wedding dress, it all depends on your preferences and taste. Choose the one you consider suitable for your style, and you would look great.

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