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Practicing sport is fun, there is no doubt about that. But there are many times when even the professional athletes get hurt on the field and suffer injuries such as sprains, knee injuries and even fractures. The average person can also encounter these problems if he overstrains himself. The baseline is that accidents do happen regardless of the training method or warm-up and in order to cope with these issues and regain your physical condition, it is necessary to undergo a injury recovery physiotherapy treatment. Is physio really helpful?

What does it involve?

Getting back in the game with physical therapy

Physical therapy involves the practice of manual therapy and different sorts of exercises that benefit the person in the sense that he can regain some of his mobility back and in the case of fractures exercises can contribute to the increase of the healing process. Basically, physio is meant to prevent the impairment from becoming permanent and in order to do so therapists use specialized equipment. It is only after having examined the patient that the medical physician is able to determine whether the patient has weakness in his muscles or if the muscles are stiff.


In order to decide the rehabilitation scheme the medical physician has to make an evaluation of the biomechanics of the athlete according to the specific sport that he practices. The reason for which their body is so stressed is that in the course of the game he is required to maintain the same motion. In order to stimulate the rehabilitation of the patient the physical therapist usually recommends in the first place stretching exercises. Stretching exercises are essential for entertaining the main muscle groups and it stimulates muscle flexibility. The more advanced exercises target conditions such as balance, coordination and endurance. In addition to this, the therapist can add electrical stimulation and compresses of hot water so as to relieve pain.

Main benefits

After having suffered an accident, the main goal of the exercises is to increase the blood flow due to the fact that many sport injuries reduce the blood flow and this happens because the brain restricts the circulation to the injured part of the body. In order to prevent this, the patient is submitted to a range exercises that will not only strengthen the muscles, but also to activate the blood circulation.

To conclude, in the event of a sport accident physical therapy is the only possible way in which the professional athlete can regain his abilities and get back in the game.

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