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How celebrities wear ribbons

November - 27 - 2014

Are you looking for ways of changing your look and adding a few key statement items into your clothes and accessories collection? Then get inspiration from celebrities! They are by far the trendiest people out there, they are the first to learn about the fashion industry and you’ll definitely pick up some tricks by looking at some red carpet photos. Granted, you’ll come across many celebrities with a questionable sense of fashion, but you’ll also see some brilliant ideas. For instance, the vintage and baby doll looks have been recycled and given a whole new interpretation. Celebrities like Rihanna, Emma Stone and Natalie Portman have been spotted wearing delicate frilly dresses with ribbons and lace, spiced up with edgy accessories to avoid that granny look. Actually, after several years of experiments and the infamous androgynous look, it seems that celebrities are ready to embrace the feminine look again. So, if you want to follow in the footsteps of these stars, look for a ribbon supplier in the UK and stock up on colorful ribbons to add an elegant touch to your outfits.

How celebrities wear ribbons

If you’re a really big fan of ribbons, check out the dresses Emma Stone wears on the red carpet. She’s usually quite feminine in her outfits and you can see that most of the dresses she choose have really big, oversized statement ribbons around the neck or the back. However, she doesn’t go for the pastel-colored, baby doll style – instead, she wears simple, classic dresses that get a bit of oomph by adding ribbons. This is really flattering for her, since she’s tall and petite, so make sure you take your body type into account before copying the look. Wearing really voluminous bows could make you look a bit plump. To get an hourglass figure, you can wear a wide ribbon around the waist, instead of a belt. For those of you who aren’t fans of adding ribbons on their clothes, you can look at Rihanna for inspiration: since she’s not to wear classic clothes, she uses ribbons and bows as hair accessories, which sometimes balances things. For instance, back when she was rocking her signature bright red hair, she used a lot of these feminine accessories for updos. You can use a satin ribbon to make a bun or ponytail or you can just wear it as a headband.


Last, but not least, if you want to go all in and opt for the ultimate girly look, Korean stars will be your guide. When it comes to girliness, Asians are perfect example. Singers and actress usually wear ribbons both on clothes and in their hair, resulting in a very cute and feminine look. If you’re a bigger fan of the edgy, modern look, you probably won’t like turning into a baby doll. But, if this your thing, then you should really invest in large ribbon rolls. Add some lengthening mascara and pearly white eyeshadow and you’re ready to go!


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