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Many people wonder how to become a celebrity personal assistant since they are always surrounded by people and do not trust anyone to get near them. What a celebrity assistant does is attend to all the celebrities needs both in business and in their personal life. They are the ones which do all the shopping, make plane reservations and keep the agenda of the celebrity. It is well known that jobs for celebrities are not advertised in the newspaper which is why you have to follow this following steps in order to get a job as a personal assistant.

How to Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant How to Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant Picture
  • You should live in an area where celebrities live such as: Los Angeles, London or New York.You should get to know people who work in the entertainment business so that you can get a job as an assistant to the producer. If you get this job you will have the opportunity to get to know a lot of celebrities thus finding a job as a personal assistant.
  • Make sure that you know a little bit about every field because there will be times when you will have to accompany celebrities at events or TV. You may be asked to handle their finances and do the shopping for them. This can extend from checking grocery lists to purchasing clothing items, such as finding them a specific pair of shoes, or getting your hands on an item that isn’t easily obtained. So whether it’s finding cool shoes or making appointments, you are at the beck and call of your employer, 24/7.  The key field are the entertainment industry, culture and politics.
  • The next thing you have to do is go and interview for a position of personal  assistant for a celebrity. During the interview you should be calm and concentrated on your qualifications and experience. You should know that the first interview will not be conducted by the celebrity, it will be conducted by the assistant which you will be replacing or by the house of production. If the first interview goes smooth that you will get to go on the next interview which will be conducted by the celebrity.
  • A good idea is to do a little research and find out for which celebrity do you want to work for. Go on the internet and find out what they like and where you can find them. You should go to their production company and ask for this position.
  • Make sure that you develop a thick skin because it is well known that celebrities are not the nicest people.


As you can see this is how to become a celebrity personal assistant, you have to change your life a bit if you want your dream job.

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