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Since its beginnings laser hair removal has come a long way, meaning that now you have a more effective hair removal method. The main difference between hair removal and methods like waxing or shaving is that the hair is permanently removed from the body. The concept itself if very simple: the laser beams target the hair follicles and completely destroy them. It does not really matter if your skin is light or dark, IPL Brisbane is the answer to all your problems. The treatment works, not to mention that the results are long-lasting.

IPL hair removal enhances your beauty

Difference IPL and laser hair technology

While there is so much information surfing the web, it seems that most people still confuse IPL with laser hair removal. Although the methods are similar, meaning that they both remove unwanted strands of hair, there is a major difference between them. First of all, IPL is not exactly a laser, but rather an equivalent. Even if the intense pulsed light has multiple wavelengths and is therefore more flexible, there is no set laser wavelength. This means that the wavelength can be set to suit each individual patient. Since the treatment parameters are adjusted, it is only normal that the results will vary from person to person.

The major benefits

Traditional methods such as waxing and shaving can cause skin irritation and a lot of discomfort. Even if you repeat the process a couple of times, you will still feel some discomfort. On the other hand, IPL will not make you feel uncomfortable. Because the intense pulsed light supports active cooling, the surface of the skin will be at ease. In addition to this, the action of the wavelength on the surface of the skin makes it almost impossible for the hair to re-grow in the treated area. This is why the results are permanent. Last but not least the treatment is very fast, the areas of the skin being covered in no time.

Celebs do laser hair removal too

IPL hair removal is gaining more and more popularity among celebrities as well. A clear example of a celebrity that frequently used laser hair removal is Kim Kardashian. The start obsessed with having flawless skin has resorted more than once to laser hair removal to maintain her natural beauty. Even if he will not ever admit it, her husband too has undergone the treatment. Whether celebrity or not, excessive body hair is an issue that all people have to deal with at some point. And why not use IPL if it the results are so stunning.


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