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Makeup trends are influenced by many factors, but celebrity looks are definitely one of the biggest one. And it’s not difficult to understand why: everyone loves celebrities and it’s only natural to want to imitate the way they do their makeup. In fact, one of the most common requests that an makeup artist Ottawa gets is to make the client look like one the stars is magazines. From classic read lips to edgy color combinations, here are the celebrity looks that influenced the world of makeup.


Kim Kardashian’s contouring

Makeup trends inspired by celebrities

As you can see in every red carpet picture, Kim K. wears a lot of face make-up and has a particular interest in heavy contouring. Her makeup artist uses a special contour and highlight technique that involves the careful use of cream products. Warning: while perfect for red carpet flash photography, this type of look is not recommended on an everyday basis, because it looks bizarre in natural lighting.


Kylie Jenner’s nude lips


Ever since she was first seen with her signature nude, pouty lips, Kylie Jenner because a true trendsetter. Although you should not attempt to make your lips as big as hers mechanically, you can get the same look by using a nude lipstick in a “your lips but better” color and a matching lip liner. Go slightly over your natural contour of your lips to make them look fuller naturally.


Taylor Swift’s classic red lip and cat eyes combo


Taylor Swift doesn’t wear as much makeup as other celebrities of her age, but she does have a signature look that sets her out of the crowd and matches her blonde hair. Her eye makeup is quite simple and she just sticks to black winged eyeliner, which makes her blue eyes pop out. For the lips, he goes for a classic red, which gives her a sophisticated and polished look.


Cara Delevingne’s bold brows


No one believed that bold, unruly brows would ever be in style again, but Cara managed to overshadow overplucked brows. Her brows are obviously natural and she just adds some brown pigment to them and sets them in place with a clear gel. You can do the same if you are in the same situation, but if your brows are thin, you can use a small eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas and mimic natural hairs. Note that the bold brow is different from the Instagram brow, which looks perfectly sculpted, almost geometrical.


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