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You simply got tired of doing your makeup every single day and you’d like to find a method that will help you save time and energy while still looking flawless? Then the option for you is permanent makeup. Although using this type of procedure requires a bigger investment, it will be worth it. The benefits of permanent makeup are extremely numerous and you can actually choose specifically what you want to wear for the next period of time. You’ll need to choose the correct type of makeup to suit your face and the results will be mesmerizing. Here is a short guide on how to do that:

Permanent makeup guide - is it worth it


Since makeup artists and makeup product customers tend to focus their attention on the shape of the eyebrows lately, it is important to know how to choose the eyebrow shape for your face. Each person comes with a unique set of features that they will want to accentuate. Permanent makeup means there is no room for mistakes, so choosing something that suits you is paramount. For every type of face shape there is a type of eyebrow you may want to achieve:

  • Oval face – for an oval face you’ll need to ask your cosmetician to strive for a full brow which will draw attention to the upper area of your face. For this face shape you will want your eyes to pop up as much as possible, this way obtaining a balanced look.
  • Round face – for a round face it is highly important to ask for a clearly structured brow with angled arches which will add exactly that sharpness and definition a round face is lacking.
  • Square face – when choosing a brow type for square faces make sure you keep in mind you’ll have to strive for that narrowing effect. A square face means you’ll desire a less boxy look and you can obtain that with a highlighted, accentuated arch.
  • Heart face – heart faces require a softer, round arch to avoid focusing attention to the upper part of the pace. You will want to gain a soft look for a less harsh appearance.


Another procedure that is usually required by permanent makeup clients is eyeliner. It has a great impact of the aspect of your face and it can be done in several ways:

  • Basic – the basic eyeliner means pigmenting the upper lash line following the shape of your eyes. This will bring a fuller effect to your eyes and can be used as a base for normal makeup too.
  • Feline/pin-up – this is a look that most girls want to achieve and smudging your eyeliner every morning not obtaining the expected results can be quite frustrating. The feline eyeliner requires a little bit of skill, because it consists of a single line which will go a little bit further from the end of your lash line, ending in a sharp edge. This will give your eyes that sexy stare look you are looking for. Arabic eyeliner is a variant of cat eye look, requiring an extra pigmentation underneath the eye, offering you depth.

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