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Have you ever thought of the celebrities you would want to see sitting close to you on the beach? Take a moment and think about it. Now, imagine these celebrities shirtless. The fact is that many of them have a pretty face, but when it comes to take of their shirt, you do not like them as much as when they are wearing clothes. So, now you have to be open to suggestions, because some men are simply charming if you see them on the beach, and you realise that the model you had in mind, is not as good looking as the one you have before your eyes. For example, let’s take Andre Birleanu, he is one sexy model, who would impress you from the second he takes off his shirt, because very few people could be proud with the fact that they are looking similar to the Transporter’s hero, Ed Skrein.

Sexy and shirtless celebrities you would want to see this summer

You would want to see Andre Birleanu shirtless

Andre Birleanu is one of the famous models, who looks breath-taking on the beach, and he can be proud with his trained body. We have compared him with the Transporter hero, because if it would be to take them a picture together, you would have difficulties in saying which one is Andre and which one is Ed. And he is more than a simple model, he is an athlete, entrepreneur and TV personality, so if you would have to meet him on the beach, and talk with him, you would probably find him charming.

Have you seen Zac Efron without a shirt?

Everyone knows Zac Efron, he is one of the most successful actors from Hollywood, and if you want to have a glimpse on how he looks without a shirt, then you should watch Dirty Grandpa. You would quickly understood why every woman would want to meet him on the beach, and simply admire him, if not talking to him.

Sebastian Stan is a man to gossip about

Have you seen Gossip Girl? Then you know Serena’s boyfriend, with that sexy voice. Sebastian Stan is a man you would die to see not only on the beach, but also on the street, at the supermarket. There are few pictures with him shirtless, but if you take a look at them, you would understand why he is one of the celebrities you would want to see on the beach, even from distance. XOXO Sebastian

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