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Summer is here and if you are a woman, then you may have no idea on how to style your hair to look stylish, but face the heat in the same time. It does not matter if you have long or short hair, you can take a look online to check what hairstyle designers suggest for this season, because it is important to stay in trend. However, this does not mean that you cannot try some of the classic hairstyles inspired by celebrities as Brigitte Bardot, because they are timeless, and you will impress everyone by wearing them. And what is amazing, when it comes to the hairstyles inspired by Brigitte Bardot, is that they are easy to do, and you will have no difficulties in styling your hair at home. The majority of them feature as accessories, ribbons, so you may have to purchase ribbons wholesale to make sure that you will have the accessories at hand, when you will want to go out.

Sexy summer hairstyles inspired by Brigitte Bardot

Try the retro bob

In case you have long hair, then you can fake a chin-length cut, because there were not few the moments, when Bardot tried this look and it totally rocked. If you have your hair cut this way them you are a lucky woman, because all you have to do is to apply at its roots a booster product and to make the hair look damp. Then you should blow-dry it, and to tousle it with your fingers for getting more texture. You will need a wide ribbon to create a headband. Pull your hair into a loose, low ponytail and roll it under the headband. Then you only have to tug the locks to create shape.

Structured ponytail for long hair

If you have long hair, then you may want to try this look because it is fashionable, and it helps you pull the hair from your face. To make it look inspired from Bardot, you should add some fullness around your entire head, make sure you do not do it only on the upper part. Then you should make a deep side part and tease your roots for more volume. Use a brush to make the sides look smooth, but make sure that you do not undo the volume underneath. Make the ponytail, and for a pop of colour, you can wrap it with a coloured ribbon.

Try the 5 minute bun when on the run

If you are a busy woman, then you will find amazing this hairstyle. The only thing you have to do is to pull your hair up in a pony, and to secure it with a strong elastic. From this point, you should tease the hair with the help of a rattail comb, and to grab the end of the tail and twist it around the elastic. Fix the bun with some pins, and then apply some hairspray, to make sure that it will not lose shape during day. If you want to achieve a girly look, then you only have to accessorise the bun with a ribbon bow.

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