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If there is a pair of shoes every man or woman has in their wardrobe, then boots are the one. This footwear is iconic and you have the possibility to pair it with almost every clothing item you have in your closet. And from all the boots available on the market, there is a brand everyone simply loves, Dr Martens. Many celebrities have worn them on the daily basis, but also on the red carpet. It is not only a brand of shoes, it is a lifestyle, and you should wait no longer before starting to look for Spartoo dr martens offers. What people love about these boots is their versatility. You can wear them even in the summer with a dress, if you want to obtain a grungy look. If you have found online the pair of boots perfect for you, but you do not know how to wear them, you should inspire from celebrities outfits. Here are some amazing ways of combining Dr Martens on and off the red carpet.

The boot has never gone out of style

Miley Cyrus rocks Dr Martens

Miley Cyrus choose to wear Dr Martens boots on the red carpet. She opted for a pair of black boots, embellished with a red floral embroidery. The type of boots that show your feminine side but in a rock-and-roll manner. She paired them with a beautiful long red dress, with a back slit, to offer people a sight to her amazing shoes. This look was a change of style for her, because she is known as a celebrity who keeps little to imagination. The long dress paired with a pair of Dr Martens was a unique look, you can inspire from, if you go to a party.

Jessie J brought Dr Martens on scene

If there is a singer who has fun on the scene, she is Jessie J. And you can see this every time she holds a concert. But she does not impress her fans only with her songs, she also makes inspired choices when it comes to outfits. She opted for a pair of hot pink Dr Martens boots, with a bodysuit featuring a universe pattern. What better combination could she opted for. Dr Martens boots are perfect for being matched with body flattering clothes, so if you are a fan of skinny pants, then you can rock the boots with them.

Hayley Williams seems born in Dr Martens  

You might know Hayley Williams for her bold choices when it comes to hair colours, and for her amazing voice. She truly is the pop punk princess, and she has not one, but multiple pairs of Dr Martens boots. She was spotted wearing them both on and off the red carpet. But it is worth mentioning one look, when she rocked a black dress, with ruffle socks and burgundy boots.  Pink glittery socks, burgundy shoes and a black dress, if you want to create yourself the look of a punk princess, this is the key.

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