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It is not a secret that when a woman decides to dye or cut her hair she gets inspired from celebrities. However, you should get inspired from the celebrities that set trends, because many stars try to bring something new, but some of them are truly disasters. You should do your homework before trying anything, and see which styles where appreciated by fashion critics, and which ones were place in the category of “Make it Stop!” When you decide what the right hairstyle is for you, you should ask the help of one of the Ottawa hairdressers, because they are specialists who will help you achieve the look you want.

The hottest celebrity hairstyles you should try

Wavy not curly

Nowadays celebrities are going for a more natural look, and they have done up with the perfect waves. They only add a little twist on their hair ends, to stress the hair colour, and to make it look more stylish. You can easily achieve the look of Beyoncé, Rihanna or Rita Ora by curling the ends with a curling iron, or by braiding your hair.

It’s all about the cut

Celebrities are not in love anymore with long locks, they are not afraid of cutting their hair, and cut it really short. Some of them done it for a movie, and now decided to keep it short, but some cut it because they wanted to have a more complex look. Some of them, like Lily Collins went for a man cut, and some, like Cameron Diaz, opted for a longer length in the front and shorter in the back. Do not forget that the star of this year is the lob, which is a sophisticated and fashionable choice, for every women.

It is time to be a blonde

Every women thought almost one time that she should try a blonde shade for her hair. If you are one of the ones that has doubts if she should try it or not, then you should definitely do it. You have the option to go for an almost icey-white colour, or for a blended multi tonal blonde. Get your inspiration from Ciara, Cara Delavigne or Taylor Swift.

Paint it like a canvas

If you have a crush on colours, you should choose one of the rainbow shades and dye your hair. This year is time to dye either all of your hair, or just its ends in a bold color. Inspire from Rita Ora, Katy Perry, or the chameleon of the year Kylie Jenner.


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