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Whether they are actors, singers, TV presenters, reality show stars or simply public figures, celebrities will always be associated with glamour, wealth and physical perfection – and, with the huge number of gorgeous men and women that make it into the tops of the sexiest people in the world, it’s hard to imagine them in any other way. However, outside the film sets and the studio lights, celebrities are humans like everyone else and they struggle with very human issues, including the challenge of staying in shape all the time. Even though everyone should be healthy, celebrities are under much more pressure than the average person, especially due to the fact that a great part of their jobs and their success, for that matter, is looking flawless all the time. In the film and music industry, having a beautiful body is very important and, unfortunately, there are countless cases of celebrities whose reputation had to suffer when they started to put on weight. Most of them don’t want that, so they invest huge amounts of money every month into training and dieting. Some celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham, have confessed to using quite exotic ways of staying in shape, both most stars work out under the guidance of a personal trainer.

The most inspirational celebrity transformation stories

One of the most dramatic and inspirational success stories is the one of Christina Aguilera. Although the singer started her career with the image of the typical American pop princess, she is actually half Irish and one year ago she impressed the entire music industry with her weight loss story. After a period of time when she put on a lot of weight, mostly due to eating disorders caused by depression, she worked with a personal trainer Ireland that helped her get back her attractive curves. This is a case when a celebrity’s physique had to suffer because of personal causes, but there are many stars, especially actors, who have to make dramatic body changes as a job requirement. For example, actors often have to lose or put on a lot of weight for their roles – and they don’t always turn into a pack of muscles. For example, Jared Leto put on no less than 67 pounds for his role in Chapter 27 by going on a diet of microwaved ice-cream, soy sauce on olive oil. When production was over, he started working on losing all the weight he had gained, not only through intense training, but also through a strict diet.


There are many celebrities who made a reputation on looks rather than talent and for whom the personal trainer is one of the most important persons in their lives. For example, Jaime Dornan, the Fifty Shades of Grey Star and new Calvin Klein image, confessed that he has a strict training routine to keep him in shape. Other memorable celebrity transformations that wouldn’t have been possible without a personal trainer are the ones of Gerard Butler (300), Hugh Jackman (The X-Men series), Tom Hardy (Batman: The Dark Knight Rises) and Henry Cavill (Man of Steel).

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