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Chinese tattoo art nowadays places the emphasis on Kanji representations, which mostly include symbols or pictograms of either Chinese or Japanese provenience. Although the meanings of certain symbols may be the same in both the said languages, chances are they will be pronounced differently or have different subtle nuances to them. 

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Rules for Selecting a Suitable Chinese Symbol Tattoo

If you are contemplating the idea of having your name translated into Chinese and inked on your skin, you should account for several important factors before doing this. The first thing you should take in consideration is the reverse order of phrasing characteristic to the Chinese language, which means your last name should normally be written before your first name. Moreover, it can be difficult to translate foreign names correctly into Chinese, as there is a lot of room for interpretation when selecting symbols.

Here are the two main rules to getting inked with a Chinese tattoo:

1. Make sure the translation is correct before having any tattoo work done on your skin – You should avoid making the mistake of entrusting anyone with translating or inking you with a design that includes Chinese tattoo letters. To rule out the possibility of ending up with the wrong meaning for your tattoo, your best bet would be to seek the help of a native speaker or a Chinese tattoo specialist with whom you should discuss all the details behind the design. Since translating words, phrases or names into Chinese involves many subtleties, only consult the opinion of persons you can really trust.

2. Opt for a custom design from a reputable artist – Since getting inked with a Chinese tattoo is a lifetime decision, be careful how you choose your tattoo artist and don’t sacrifice quality over price if you want something special. First, you should try to come up with an original, unique theme and visual concept for your Chinese tattoo. Next, you should find an experienced and talented artist capable of doing the job properly. Even if this could mean spending more on your Chinese tattoo design, for better quality of execution you should consider hiring the services of a famous artist who works in a modern, properly equipped tattoo shop. if you just want design ideas there are plenty of sites online like only-tattoos.com

Chinese symbol tattoos can be very meaningful and stand out as a great way of making a statement of your individuality, character and personality. As long as you remember to follow the rules and suggestions presented herein, you should have no problem finding a cool Chinese tattoo that is also capable of capturing and conveying your personal traits.

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