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Women have always wanted larger breasts in order to achieve the much coveted hourglass shape, but breast implants only became a global phenomenon when celebrities started speaking openly about them. In many ways, female stars started a new trend and served as inspiration for women who also wanted to increase their bra size. There are of course both successful and disastrous examples; some celebrities became iconic sex symbols after surgeries, while others, not that lucky, became a subject of ridicule. If their experience has thought us anything, is that breast augmentation is an important decision and some factors need to be considered in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

Three important breast implant lessons we learned from celebrities

Don’t have surgery too early

Most women feel insecure about their bodies around teenage years, but surgeons advise to wait a bit longer before taking the big step. Not everyone is patient though; for example, Britney Spears is famous for having a regrettable boob job when she was only 19, reportedly with her mother’s consent. She later had to downsize after pregnancy, because her chest had developed naturally. The lesson is simple: don’t rush to surgery if you are flat-chested before the age of 20, because your body is still transforming and your breasts could grow naturally within a couple of years.

Be very picky with your plastic surgeon

The importance of working with a professional plastic surgeon cannot be overstated. You can easily find breast augmentation London clinics, but make sure you check their credentials and portfolio before entrusting them with your body transformation. Many celebrities weren’t very selective with the surgeons and ended up with jagged, crooked breast or incredibly fake looking breasts. Notable examples include Tara Reid, Paula Abdul, Victoria Beckham, Courtney Love and Tori Spelling. The good news is that bad surgery is reversible and you can undo the damage, but this may involve multiple surgeries and a huge budget.

Subtle breast augmentation is a great choice

Not everyone who gets in touch with plastic surgeons wants to look like Jessica Rabbit. In fact, experts from prestigious clinics like Centre for Surgery say that more and more women are looking for subtle enhancements, not necessarily something dramatic. This trend is also noticeable among celebrities. For example, Miley Cyrus, Courtney Cox and Kelly Rowland have discussed their implants openly, explaining that they only did the surgery because they were completely flat chested. In their cases, surgery is obvious only by looking at before and after photos. Otherwise, the result is natural and one cannot tell that their chest has been surgically enhanced.

Whether you want a subtle lift or a dramatic enhancement, you can learn from celebrities how to avoid surgical disasters. For best results, you should think seriously about the result you want to achieve and save a few photographs to show to your surgeon as a starting point. But, most importantly, you need to do extensive research to find a breast augmentation expert in your area and understand the benefits and drawbacks of breast implants.


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