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Top 6 Stylish Jewelry Brands

February - 27 - 2018


A chic and stylish outfit would not look complete without a matching piece of jewelry to give it that luxurious, fashionable touch it needs. Considering there are so many options to choose from in this department, you might wonder which are the brands that should catch your interest first? These are the top 6 jewelry brands that excel in the luxury and style department, and will provide you only with stunning items for your jewelry collection.



By using the finest materials and having precise attention to detail, Chopard has managed to become a top choice for watch and jewelry buyers. Its line of products includes an appealing variety of expensive items with an extravagant style. Among the list of expensive brands, Chopard easily reaches the top, with items that are worn by all celebrities and are characterized by a quality that can be noticed from afar.

Tiffany & Co

When you talk about luxury jewelry, it’s impossible not to think about Tiffany & Co. This brand has to offer an extensive range of wearable pieces, catering women, men and children as well. This brands’ creations are known to be designed only by expert artisans, and to follow a classic design pattern that never fails to impress.

Florian Helier

Valuing outstanding quality, and impressing jewelry lovers with unique designs, Florian Helier has become a preferred option for those who want to own luxury jewelry. Each series this brand produces is limited edition and combines perfect proportions with simplicity and balance. Both the materials and styles are ones that will instantly wow you. From golden staples to sterling silver cufflinks and golf tees, you will find only authentic, original items when shopping from Florian Helier.


Being famous not only for its watches, but for its jewelry pieces as well, Bulgari is another expensive brand that you should have in your collection. What sets its creations apart is the combination between elegance and extravagance provided. Using gemstones, only 18 karat gold and focusing on bold, unconventional shapes, Bulgari continues to maintain the same Italian glamour style it has used its customers with. Fashionable, stylish, attention-drawing are only three accurate ways of describing what this brand has to offer in terms of jewelry.


Although starting with watchmaking, this brand quickly focused its attention on jewelry as well and has managed to become a familiar name for in this department. Its pieces have modern, bold and sleek designs, and are crafted only out of great materials. Although each item is certainly worth the price, the brands’ signature piece remains the rose.


Last but certainly not least, Graff also has a well-deserved spot in this top. Being extremely popular among the rich, the collections of jewelry this brand displays benefit from excellent craftmanship and gemstones of impeccable quality. However, these are not the things that make Graff luxury gallery lines so appealing, but rather the size of the stones used for the creations, which are certainly bigger than any others you might find in your usual jewelry items.

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