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When it comes to fashion choices and the total cost of a complete wardrobe, there are basically two schools of thought: spending as little as possible, preferably in fast fashion stores, and splurging on designer clothing. Both sides have really good arguments, but designer clothes, as coveted as they might be, are still sometimes regarded with skepticism, because they are simply too expensive. However, there are many good reasons why you should invest in them. Buying designer clothes is not just a habit of celebrities, but, as you will see below, it can be the wise and practical choice.

Why designer clothing is actually worth it

Premium materials

When you buy an expensive designer clothing item, you’re not just paying extra for the brand, but also for the material. Designer brands use higher quality materials that not only look beautiful and luxurious, but also last longer. Therefore, if a basic white t-shirt you bought from a fast-fashion store will loosen after a few washes, one from a designer brand will last and look new for longer. One of the best examples are winter coats. Affordable ones will only last you one, two years at most and after that they will start to lose their color or become linty. However, if you invest in an expensive designer coat, you can expect to keep it in your wardrobe for 1o years!

Build quality and attention to details

How many times has it happened to you to buy a dress from a regular shop only to discover at home that the buttons are loose, the stitching is uneven and there are tiny holes in it? This will never happen to you if you buy Alice McCALL dresses, for instances. Well known designers stand out through attention to details, so you won’t have to return an item because it’s superficially woven or cut. On the contrary, you’ll find that expensive clothing is often more detailed, featuring intricate embroidery and inserts. The fit is also better and clothes simply have a timeless elegance to them. Thanks to this quality, they don’t lose their value, so you can still sell a designer item after a few years.

Be a trendsetter

If you want to be the first to try out new trends, then designer clothing is the best choice for you. Designers are the ones who start trends, they’re the innovative brands that decide what will be in style with years in advance. Fast fashion trends only replicate their originals designs and this usually happens one year after the designer collection is launched. By that time, everyone starts to wear them, so if you’re the kind of person who wants to be unique, you won’t like it when you see everyone on the street wearing the same clothes as you.

Purchasing cheap clothes can be tempting, because for $300 you can get a complete wardrobe, but if you think about it all these clothes will need replacing in a matter of months. For the same amount, however, you can buy a premium item from a designer brand, but it will last for years.

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